Save Money on Legal Fees

How to Save Money on Legal Fees People tend to review their questions and thoughts much more carefully before pressing “Send” than before pressing “Dial.” This works in your benefit, because not only are you going to be more thoughtful in the email that you send, but your attorney will have more time to be

Dealing with a Difficult Spouse During Separation

Negative events don’t have to be respoded to negatively. – Virginia Satir 4 Basic Steps for Dealing with a Difficult Spouse Stop Wishing Your Spouse Would Change You have to let go of the expectation or hope that your ex will change. They are not going to become more responsible or a better parent overnight. Once

Chris Harris, J.D., Receives Board Certification in Family Law

AUSTIN (February 17, 2016) ­­− Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) announced Chris Harris, J.D., received Board Certification in Family Law. Harris currently practices in Williamson and Travis Counties as Co-Founding Partner of Harris & Schroeder, PLLC in Leander, Texas. The legal specialization program certifies qualified Texas attorneys in 22 specific areas of law. Attorneys who

International Divorce vs Texas Divorce

Can a previous International Divorce prevent you from getting a divorce in Texas? CASE:  Ashfaq v. Ashfaq case out of Houston’s 1st District Court of Appeals QUESTION:  Would a divorce granted in Pakistan now mean you cannot be divorced in Texas? FACTS: Couple were married in Pakistan then Husband returned to Texas. Wife remained in Pakistan